The media are interested in the spectacle of war. Peace is boring for the media. There is no “big” money to make with shots of peaceful people.

“First World Peace” art project is going to make peace attractive for the media. It is a futuristic vision of our society in which peace can exist because the main economic goal of our society is incorporated in it: money flow.

Wet, Frost and Ice, natural phenomena, are intruding the bodies of two young men and a woman. Humans are awakening but they are only “hosts” for the new characters with some remained remembrances of their own.
They are in the middle of the war; they don’t know why they are in these human bodies. ”Mother Nature”’ appears: she explains that there is a huge task in front of them: To bring universal peace to people. First they have to learn to control their muscles, to walk and move, they are discovering that their basic characteristics of wet, frost and salt still exist. Frost and Wet are trying to make love which results in a snow storm.
They will be able to leave those clumsy bodies when they solve the task. They are meeting their hosts’ friends and get involved in the anti-war movement in that land. Their group is defeated, demonstrations are too late, the war was faster. They are leaving the country.
We find them 10 years later, living in Holland, they are still busy with the task. They still don’t know which way they should work. They follow the reports from the war territories . Wet feels sorrow but Frost and Salt are less emotional about it. Wet is trying to solve the task and she is discovering many interesting things in the“multicultural society”. Some students have made a joke: they have coloured in red the faces of statues in the city centre. They look like they are “’bleeding”’. Nobody knows who and why , but soon all public statues in Holland are attacked. This receives a lot of media space in newspapers, TV and internet.Nobody is claiming the action, so a common conclusion is: a students’ joke.
Wet is surprised how the joke can be “big news” and how somebody can make jokes while thousands are suffering in the war.
Speaking with people of different origins and researching the media she discovers Greenpeace methods and anti-globalist movement. Wet is learning fast about the inner basis of the society: propaganda machinery.
She finds some students who are brainstorming with her current political situation and in one lucid moment she discovers how “to turn the wheel of history” and make an important change: War games instead of “real” war.
Civilians should be saved from the danger with the replacement of ammunition: instead of the lethal weapons the soldiers should use symbolic ammunition with which they should only mark their targets.

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